About Us

A happy blend of history, culture, cuisine, foreign influences, NRI?s, spices, plantations and breathtaking tourist attractions, Kochi is gradually gaining the world's attention as a premium lifestyle destination. As the industry and IT sector open up in Kochi, more and more people are making their way to this new city of opportunity and plenty.

In this scenario, where housing solutions are becoming a matter of priority and the demand for quality homes is on the upsurge, Hyland Developers brings you the ultimate homes of your dreams. State-of-the-art construction, top class amenities, exclusive locales, excellent facilities and personalized service made available to you at affordable prices.

Hyland Team has 20 years of experience in property development and management within Kerala and in the Middle East. The team was in the field of real estate market decades before the real estate boom witnessed internationally. We have a good list of satisfied customers internationally. We were in the technical support team of most leading developers in Kerala real estate market.